Official Anime2015 Lost&Found

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Official Anime2015 Lost&Found

Post by Lyds-chan » June 15th, 2015, 7:19 pm

Hey everyone! I hope you had a blast last weekend, like all of us from the organisation of Animecon 2015. We're trying hard to get back to the swing of things, but man, were we exhausted yesterday evening.

In a few days, I will put up a list of things that were found at our festival and kindly turned in by whomever came by it. In the meantime, if you have lost something of yours, feel free to mail a description of the item to We will make sure to contact you whether it was found or not. Keep in mind that more items may be added to the list, as we usually receive more from the World Forum after the convention.

Lets hope everything can be returned to its rightful owner and lets thank the honest finders in advance!


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Re: Official Anime2015 Lost&Found

Post by Lyds-chan » June 17th, 2015, 7:39 pm

As promised, here is a list of the items that were found and turned in at Animecon2015! At the bottom of this post, there is also a list in Dutch, as it is sometimes easier to describe something in my native tongue.

If any of the items belongs to you, please contact us at and we will make sure it will be returned to you.

White glove (thin fabric)
Long white glove
White glove with ‘alchemy circle’ on it
Pair of leatherlook black gloves with the fingers cut off
T-shirt in Whoops bag
Beige t-shirt
Dark blue shorts

Blonde wig in plastic packaging with elastic bands
Blue cat ear with a clip to put it in your hair
White bunny ears
Ring with a green stone
Blue Jack&Jones sunglasses
Black H&M sunglasses
Sunglasses with round glasses and a lilac frame (when viewed from the back)
Lightblue flower with elastic band
Knotted bracelet with triforce motif
Earring with big beads and white fringe
LA cap
Black silk tie
2 black straps with clasps and button

Camera stuff:
Strap for laptop/camera bag with orange logo
Olympus camera bag (one that can be put on your belt)
Small black camera bag with pull string to close
Canon camera bag, bagroom number MA8
Iiquu battery for Sony NP-BX1

Minque bag
2 wooden swords, one has the handle broken off
Black big shopper with several cosplay materials
Black notebook with ‘Spell Book’ written in it
Stick with long blue ribbon on it
Fake rose

Totally random stuff that I don’t want to put in different categories:
Drill machine (probably from the World Forum)
Wallscroll bagroom number DH9
Dark grey umbrella bagroom number PC27
White plastic bag with little black butterflies on it bagroom number HH42
Pink bag with items from Most Cutest bagroom number HF35
Black handbag with golden studs bagroom number EB34
Plastic bag with stuff to blow bubbles
White plastic bag with several different small items, on the bag is an M written with black marker
Black leather keychain with 2 keys on it
2 shurgard keys on the same ring
Black hairbrush
Maid figurine with the legs missing (it’s a two part figurine)
Superstay lipgloss
Lipfinity lipgloss
Plastic bag with phonestrap and Diabolik Lovers trading figurine
Travel mug
3 finger flashlights
Stand for a katana/sword
Hot glue gun
Cordo (bicycle) key
Abunai poster
Connichi poster
Brown shopping bag with different snacks
2 pink plastic bowls

And once again, in Dutch

Witte handschoen
Lange witte handschoen
Witte handschoen met rode ‘alchemy’ cirkel erop
Paar zwarte lederlook handschoenen met afgeknipte vingers
Whoops tas met T-shirt
Beige t-shirt
Donkerblauw kort broekje

Blonde pruik in plastic verpakking met elastiekjes erbij
1 blauw kattenoortje met schuifclip
Diadeem met kapotte konijnenoortjes
Ring met groene steen
Blauwe jack & jones zonnebril
Zwarte H&M zonnebril
Zonnebril met ronde glazen met aan de achterkant een lila montuur
Lichtblauwe bloem met elastiek en broche
Geknoopt armbandje met triforce motief
Oorbel met grote kralen en witte franje
LA petje
Zwarte stropdas
2 Zwarte riempjes met gesp en drukknoop

Camera spullen:
Zwart camera zakje met treksluiting
Iiquu batterij voor Sony NP-BX1
Olympus camera hoesje
Band voor laptoptas met oranje logo
Canon cameratas bagroomnummer MA 8

Minque tasje
Zwarte boodschappentas met verschillende cosplay materialen
Twee houten zwaarden, 1 met gebroken handvat
Lang blauw lint aan stok
Stoffen roos
Zwart notitieboekje ‘spell book’

Random spullen die ik niet allemaal in verschillende categorieën ga plaatsen:
Abunai poster
Connichi poster
Cordo (fiets)sleutel
Zwarte houder voor katana/zwaard
Twee roze plastic schaaltjes
3 vingerzaklampjes
Reisbeker voor koffie
Plastic zakje met phonestrap en Diabolik Lovers figuurtje
Superstay lipgloss
Lipfinity lip colour
Maid figuurtje zonder benen
Zwarte haarborstel
2 shurgard sleutels aan 1 ring
Zwarte leren sleutelhanger met 2 sleutels eraan
Wit plastic tasje met verschillende kleine items erin, op de tas staat met stift een M
Tasje met bellenblaas
Zwarte handtas met gouden studs (inhoud verschillende items) bagroomnummer EB 34
Roze tasje van Most Cutest met bagroomnummer HF 35
Wit plastic tasje met zwarte vlindertjes erop bagroomnummer HH 42
Bruin boodschappentasje met verschillende snacks
Donkergrijze paraplu bagroomnummer PC 27
Wallscroll bagroomnummer DH 9
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Re: Official Anime2015 Lost&Found

Post by niels » June 19th, 2015, 10:39 pm

Did someone hand in 2 USB cables that light up when plugged in?
2 of them were "borrowed" from me back stage.

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Re: Official Anime2015 Lost&Found

Post by Kahless » June 20th, 2015, 12:01 am

I forgot to retrieve a white plastic bag filled with about 20 pens/markers from back-stage.
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Re: Official Anime2015 Lost&Found

Post by Lyds-chan » June 21st, 2015, 8:50 am

Niels: no, I'm sorry

Masami: I think the pens may have been put with other belongings of J-POP, they weren't put in the lost&found.
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