The general Anime 2014 AMV and XMV-thread *Thanks people!*

Ask your AMV (Anime Music Video) related questions here.
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Re: The general Anime 2014 AMV and XMV-thread

Post by Kaj » June 24th, 2014, 6:14 am

Yeah, there was a small mishap with the bumpers: I accidentially mislabeled a few (and indeed, I even mentioned it during the event), so they were off for a few videos. That's probably why you think your video was on a different spot in the play list.

Some of you may have noticed in past years that I label the videos in the playlist with numbers: 010, 020 and so on. This enables me to insert extra videos at a later moment, so the bumpers can be easily inserted with a name starting with 019, 029 and so on without having to rename everything. Unfortunately, when you mislabel video 049 as 039, things go awry and I didn't have time to run the show one last time before the event to check. Another lesson for next year, I guess. :)

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Re: The general Anime 2014 AMV and XMV-thread

Post by imp » June 25th, 2014, 5:59 pm

mmhmm, well, you gotta make mistakes to improve :)
By the way, those gummi "bears" were delicious! Totally worth editing all night for a small video ^^
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