Gopher next year free ticket?

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Gopher next year free ticket?

Post by Retroo_Heaven » January 6th, 2019, 10:56 pm

So this year i want to be a gopher, but if you earned your free ticket by working the minimal hours fr the whole weekend.
Will it be on your name or just a empty name free weekend ticket.

In the year 2020 i want to be in the dealer room selling my own made stuff.
When ordering a table the weekend ticket is already included.

So what do i do with the earned free weekend if i earned it?

Thank you for answering my questions.

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Re: Gopher next year free ticket?

Post by George » January 11th, 2019, 8:35 am

Hi there,

Apologies for the belated reply.
We can arrange something for that, the fastest way is to take it up with our gopherplanning department.

You can email them at gopherplanning[at]animecon[dot]nl
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