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Visiting Anime 2013 on a budget

Posted: February 23rd, 2013, 5:09 pm
by Matijs
For those who want to pay less, the key to Anime 2013 on a budget is: book on time!

You already missed the cheapest level of ticket prices, but on Friday March the 1st our ticket prices will go up again. Get them while they are cheap(er). Weekend prices will rise 5 euros, Saturday prices 3 euros and Friday and Sunday tickets 2 euros each. Why this increase? Because the earlier you book, the cheaper you make it for us to organize the festival.

Also the special hotel room offers from Bel Air and Crown Plaza will no longer be available from then on. This does not mean there are no rooms, it just means you will have to pay the normal room rates that will increase as room availability decreases.

The only exception is Novotel, which suddenly has a lot of extra rooms available as one of their customers cancelled a large offer. Send a mail to and mention that you want to book a room with the code ANIME 2013 for our weekend. Do not forget to mention when you arrive and depart and your name, address and credit card details or request prepayment. Or just click on the e-mail link on our hotels page:, where you can also see the room prices. Novotel has an extra bed-bank in every room, so it is easy to book a room for three people in which case you would pay about 60,- euro's a night including city taxes.

Novotel would have liked to offer these rooms to those who missed out on them in December, but unfortunately that list is missing so the rooms will be distributed on a first come first served basis. The reservations department works during office hours only, so do not expect an immediate reply.

Re: Visiting Anime 2013 on a budget

Posted: March 3rd, 2013, 11:38 am
by Matijs
A new location means of course a lot of new things to learn.

When I called Crown Plaza and Bel Air to ask them if they wanted me to post a new more expensive offer they both told me that for the time being they will still offer the rooms for the same rate. The only difference is that they may now at any moment decide to close the offer, depending on how many rooms they have left available.

So on the one hand I was premature in warning you, on the other hand the advise is still not to wait with booking your hotel.

On the other hand I was completely truthful about our own prices going up. ;)