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Hama pearl beads pixel game characters?

Posted: November 12th, 2018, 7:10 pm
by Retroo_Heaven
I want to sell some of mine pixel pearl creations. Its japanese related, but its selfmade. On the site of bring and buy rules states that not selfmade.

I am a bit confused, because 1 time i saw someone selling 3d printed self made stuff, but its japanese related.
I don't think its a big problem, because its really easy to place in transparent maps if the table is small.

My 1e plan was to sell it by renting a dealer table, but i didn't know they included 2 dealer weekend tickets and its was pretty expensive if you are alone.. So i already have a weekend ticket bought.

Let me know if its possible or not, i will bring my own map with transparent sheets and each beads creation will be packed in good quality transparent package.

My last question is about the same creations like doubles?, if hama bead japanese related game characters like kirby and mario is allowed? can i sell 2 or 3 duplicates or does every bead creation has to be unique?

thanks for the info, yesterday i already mailed to the bring and buy site, but i think its handy for people if they can find the answer in the forums

Re: Hama pearl beads pixel game characters?

Posted: November 20th, 2018, 7:43 pm
by Retroo_Heaven
I got email back from bring and buy and unfortunately the bring and buy does not accept hama pixel art creations. I guess i have to bring products related to Japan.