Gundam model building event 2014

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Gundam model building event 2014

Postby jpee30 » June 16th, 2014, 7:59 pm

Hi all!

First of all: Thanks for visiting our lectures on Friday/Saturday and dropping by at our Plamo corner.
We really had a blast at the convention!

In case you missed us at the con:
SIG Plamo is a special interest group for plastic building and our aim is to make people more enthusiastic for plastic model building. We've been building kits for over 5 years now with some friends. At every convention we've been at there are multiple dealers selling models. We have even seen people so enthusiastic that they were building their kits on the floor at a con! But the most enjoyable part of building models is to work with other people next to each other. This is really inspiring and motivating!


We try to get people exited through lectures focused on a wide audience. From beginners to veterans we try to inspire all. But it does not end with just talk alone!
Our aim is to have an ongoing event throughout the entire span of the convention.
This, in the form of a Gundam model building corner where con-visitors can drop by and join us in:
  • bringing their own models and have a place to build
  • share tips and tricks on how to improve your techniques
  • watch demo's

At the Animecon 2014 we had a nice start with two lectures and a small building station. We even had some con-visitors who dropped by with their newly acquired kits who joined us and started building.

Bring your models next time and join the fun. We will see you @ Animecon 2015!

Kind regards,

Jeroen and Yuriy

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Re: Gundam model building event by SIG Plamo

Postby Sagara » June 17th, 2014, 1:44 pm

Goed te horen dat het jullie is bevallen!! Fijn om te horen dat jullie plek bij de ingang van de deallerroom een succes was!



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Re: Gundam model building event by SIG Plamo

Postby jpee30 » June 18th, 2014, 8:14 pm

Hey all!

In de eerste post heb ik vooral gefocust op wat SIG Plamo is.
Maar natuurlijk zijn we benieuwd wat jullie als con-gangers er van vinden ;)
De start op Animecon 2014 is gemaakt maar we willen natuurlijk graag verder!

Zouden jullie het tof vinden als er op de Animecon 2015 een wat grotere Gundam Modelling corner komt om zelf ook te werken?

Andere optie zou bijvoorbeeld kunnen in de vorm van een workshop. Dan zouden we moeten kijken of we tools en wat "simpele" kits kunnen regelen. Dan zou je bijv. tegen een kleine vergoeding aan een workshop mee kunnen doen waarbij je de tools en kit gewoon mag houden. Hierdoor heb je gelijk een mooie starters-set om door te gaan met de hobby.

Via deze thread kun je jouw wensen op het gebied van Gundam modelling geven op een con.
We horen het graag :)



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Re: Gundam model building event by SIG Plamo

Postby Centaur » June 23rd, 2014, 12:39 am

I guys, the Sig Plamo guys gave me their e-Mail address because I wanted to send them some pictures with some dioramas I made, but I... er... seem to have momentarily misplaced the card, anyone knowing the adress, any help is greatly appreciated, cheers, thanks in advance and see you at the next Animecon

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