Looking for a cosplay material i can spray on paper.

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Looking for a cosplay material i can spray on paper.

Post by Silverwolf_1985 » January 23rd, 2013, 5:01 pm

Greetings and salutations,

I seem to be a bit of a pickle. I've made a giant (wearable) Alphonse armour suit, however it is currently made from a thick paper that will simply not endure the wear and tear of Animecon, nor the weather.

I'm looking for something of a spray-able plastic or rubber that will leave a sturdy and hard layer on the outside of my armour, while at the same time hopefully waterproofing it. In the worst possible case, i'll settle for Poly-urethane foam, but i'm actively trying to avoid the cruel fate of having to sand down my armour for weeks after having applied the foam. I have used Acrylic Gesso in many many layers in the past to make masks sturdy, but i believe it would require too much of it to finish and would make it far too heavy in the end.

If you have any suggestions for what i could use, i would love to hear them.

Some criteria:

- Sprayed or brushed in a thick layer, lets say 5 mm to a cm.
- It has to make it more durable or hard. Enough to last through 3 days of hug tackles, shoulder pats and whatever the weather may bring. Flexible thick rubber is ok too.

You're welcome to reply in dutch as well, i'm just looking to reach a broad audience with my request.

Much obliged,


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Re: Looking for a cosplay material i can spray on paper.

Post by Akeyti » March 12th, 2013, 9:40 am


Uhm, I don't have an answer for you on what you're exactly looking for.
But since you didn't have any reply's yet, I thought I should offer this:
There are different kinds of sprays in (better and bigger) hobby stores for paintings and stuff.
They kinda waterproof waterpaintings and stuff.

I can't help you of the thick layer part I fear..
Maybe they got something in the hobby-store as well :)
I know there's a transeprant kind of acrylic-ish paint. It might help.
Or it's called a coater or used to mix materials or so on a painting.

I hope this helps a little :)

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