No reply in 5 days

Did you recently walk into a store or found one on the web that has stuff on sale so amazing that we have to get them into our dealerroom?
Leave a note here with their name and address and we'll gladly take a look.
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No reply in 5 days

Post by Inutashi » October 26th, 2018, 8:34 am


The confirmation mail said that I would have to contact trough the forum.
I would like to ask here if it's possible to get a spot (BlueTashi) in the Artist alley for Animecon 2019?

Please let me know if this is still possible.

Kind regards,

Julia Okkerse

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Re: No reply in 5 days

Post by Matijs » October 26th, 2018, 6:06 pm

Hi Inutashi,

We haven't opened dealer registration for 2019 yet, so yes you can get a spot - once we open subscription.

Most years we open registration in early January, this year we try to open earlier at the end of November, but we can't guarantee that yet. If you do not want to miss the start, register for our mailing list on our dealer registration site using the big button on this page:

You will also find our old dealer registration information there, we are currently busy writing the 2019 information as we go to a new venue and we plan to change a lot, but the old info does tell you how we work.
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