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How to formulate Video Program requests

Posted: October 16th, 2012, 1:34 pm
by Clara
Hello and welcome to the Video Program request forum.

Here you can request what you would like to see on the big screens at our festival, when making requests please follow these instructions:

- Make a new topic for every show you would like to see.
- Name the topic after the series or movie you want to see.
- Only requests written in the following format will be accepted.

Code: Select all

- Please show : <title>
- Which is a(n): Anime/Live action OVA/Movie/TV series (pick correct choice)
- Licensed in Europe: Yes, by <licensor> or: No or: I don't know.
- Owned in Japan by : <License owner in Japan>
- Show this because : <Tell us why we should show this!>
Please make sure to fill this out as complete and accurate as you can, it doesn't matter if you do not know everything but it will help us a lot if you do.

Please also keep the following things in mind when filling out the request forms:
- A US-license is not useful to us, we have to deal with European or the Japanese licensors when asking permission for showing their titles.
- Unfortunately the UK works with US licenses so we cannot use those either.
- We will not show explicit titles (ero, gore, etc.), so please do not ask for them. (Trust us, our 18+ program is way more fun than the showing of such titles! ;) )
- It is ok to link to information about a title you are requesting, but when you do make sure that you always use legal sources and avoid linking to websites containing or affiliating with fansubs and/or fansub groups.

Re: How to formulate Video Program requests

Posted: June 13th, 2013, 10:18 am
by Clara
We are now accepting video program requests for Anime 2014.

Due to licensing and programming we will not be able to process any requests made after March 1 2014.