Amiibo super smash bros tournament?

Have you seen or played a groovy game and would you love to see other people try it out at our event?
Please leave a note and our gameroom crew will try if they can make it happen.
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Amiibo super smash bros tournament?

Post by FoxFire » March 18th, 2015, 11:05 am

It seems that Amiibo tournaments have become quite populair as of late.
So I was wondering is it possible to create an Amiibo tournament for SSB4 on Animecon?

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Baris Dogan
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Re: Amiibo super smash bros tournament?

Post by Baris Dogan » March 18th, 2015, 11:45 am

Hi FoxFire,

We actually just discussed this last weekend during a Gameroom meeting. We are open to the idea of a Amiibo competition but are looking at the impact time wise, the main smash competition always has 100+ participants so adding Amiibo's to that is not a option both due to the time it would take and due to the fact that not everybody has/wants to play with a Amiibo. Another point we are looking in to is security: We have a no bags policy in the Gameroom, so if we allow Amiibo's how are we going to check for Amiibo's.

So no concrete answer for now, but we are considering it/working on it.

Also I love saying Amiibo~ Amiiiiiiboooo~ Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiibo~
Official Animecon Gameroom Guy~

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