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Gameroom Feedback 2014

Posted: June 17th, 2014, 1:36 pm
by Jasper
Another great Gameroom this year!

We always try to improve, so we would love to hear your gameroom specific feedback (both positive and negative!)

Did you like the gameroom this year, what did you enjoy? What did you miss? What would you love to see next year? Or do you maybe want to help us achieve this?

Let us know right here, on our general Anime2014 questionair, through an E-mail to or through our webform

Re: Gameroom Feedback 2014

Posted: June 17th, 2014, 9:40 pm
by Rex

First of all, thanks to the organisation of the game room. That's where I spent the major part of my first time in Animecon, and it was really enjoyable.

I was agreably surprise by how the gameroom was never overcrowded. Dunno if you can count that as a positive or bad thing for you, but I was imagining way more people than this (like long ass lines on every places). Or I'm probably the only asshead who cares about the gameroom only in an anime convention...
Especially after ~2am, I have been able to try pretty much everything.

Huge love for the DariusBurst AC EX board! Spent a lot of my night in there, and truly enjoyed it.
As a fighting game player, congrats for having quite a lot of setups (and tournaments). That was really good.

On the less bright side, there was a lot of free space that could have been used for more setups through the whole weekend.
I know it's already a huge effort to gather, sort and set up so much hardware but it's pretty frustruating to see empty tables, or setups with questionable choices of games...
IMO, Infamous (if it was Infamous) or Watchdogs are solo games that are way more enjoyable alone on your couch so you can dive into the story, and HOLY SHIT DID SOMEONE REALLY REQUEST DOA BEACH EXTREME TITS?!
Tastes may vary, but I believe there was games that fitted the theme way more, like other kart games for example. What about another Mario kart? Or Diddy Kong Racing? Sonic transformed?
Or other fun 4 people games, like Playstation all star battle, another Smash bros spot (since this game is always highly crowded), Warioware, Super monkey ball, ...

I really missed some of those games with my friend, as MK8 was always busy and one of the few 4 players party game (if I recall correctly the other ones were Zelda4swords, Marioworld wii, and Mario party).
Also, I believe there was only 2 controllers on Mario tennis 64.

Still, I really enjoyed my time and will gladly come back next year.

Thanks for the nice weekend ;)

Re: Gameroom Feedback 2014

Posted: June 19th, 2014, 6:43 pm
by Baris Dogan
Hi Pierre,

Thank you for the feedback.

First off: The length of lines/ emptiness of the Gameroom: Each year we have to make a choice as to how many TV's and Consoles to place. We always try to get a amount that means most games are full and there are no lines except for the really popular games (which we place twice where possible).

The problem is: Hardware, the stuff like TV screens and consoles and their peripherals are extremely pricey. Of course we could add 30 or so more screens but that would mean:
-Renting more tables
-Renting more chairs
-Buying more hardware
-Renting more TV's (this stuff is pricey! just Google a random rental company).
-Renting more power lines / paying more KwH

And of course more work for setting up all this stuff. So yes we could add 30 screens, but it would increase the average ticket price by 4-5 euro's a ticket and it would result in more empty screens. The Gameroom is bound to grow again next year, but basically we use a X visitors = Y screens formula. I hope this answers your question?

The arcade cabinets: I loved that game to death, and I'm quite sad I got 0 chance to play both HOTD4 and Darius because they where always in use, except at perhaps 2 in the night, at which time we had shifts guarding the Gameroom.

As for single player games: We try to mix it up in the Gameroom, we prefer pick up and play games and we won't place RPG's (Excluding of course the Tales of Xillia 1/2/Chronicles sponsored by Bandai Namco) since we'd like everybody to get a shot to play the games. There will always be people with different tastes: Some would love a fighting game only Gameroom while others loooooooove music games like Beatmania, Taiko or Para Para Paradise. Some of the games you mentioned like Diddy Kong Racing or Sonic Transformed are awesome in my opinion but we had those before and people didn't play them.

Comparing a Sonic All Stars Racing Tournament with 11 players at Anime 2012 or a 100+ Mario Kart 8 at this years event shows that tastes greatly vary. Sadly there are people that think Animecon is a commercial event, but everything you see in the Gameroom is either bought/rented with the ticket sales or borrowed from the Gameroom staff which lends their own personal console/games.

Sorry about the long rant :P If you have any games you would like to see at Anime 2015 feel free to request them on the forums or our Facebook!

Re: Gameroom Feedback 2014

Posted: June 19th, 2014, 10:45 pm
by Rex
Hello Baris,

Yes, question answered! Thanks for the precisions.

I'm probably gonna sound really ignorant/naive, but I really thought the majority of the setups in the gameroom were brought by the community itself. Aside from the arcades/special setups.
Did not know you had to actually rent almost everything.
Isn't it possible to borrow from the community (visitors included)?
I have potential setups taking dust at home and wouldn't mind lending them for the time of the event.
Or maybe it is too much legal authorisation work? No idea how that kind of thing works...

Yes, the arcades were amazing. HOTD4 especially had a huge success. Loved the taiko as well.

I don't mind single player games in the gameroom, but I think it should be easy to pick up games, or technical games where you can show off (viewtiful joe, maybe? or geometry wars? super meat boy?)
Though, I'm all for diversity and I guess you know better than me what works and not :D

As for games I'd like to see in 2015, a Divekick setups with the dedicated controllers would be pretty fun.
A L4D2 versus setup (4vs4) would be pretty interesting too, but probably too spacy.
I'm trusting you for the rest :D

Re: Gameroom Feedback 2014

Posted: June 20th, 2014, 8:04 am
by Kaj
We prefer not to lend or borrow from visitors, since most of the vintage or special stuff can't be replaced, nor insured.
I go: "Hi Insuricare, my NES broke in 2 pieces after some ignorant fool pulled it to the ground by its controller. :'( "
Insuricare goes: "Aww, isn't that sad? Here's today's market value (which translates to €6) for your trouble, but since you have a Policy Excess (eigen risico) of €500 for each incident you file, we'll take that back and give you a raised cost on your policy for next year to add insult to injury, just because we love you."

So we try to get everything for the Game Room in either a very sturdy version rented, or take the risk ourselves. We love you all for offering your special bits of kit, but we simply can't guarantee that we can keep it in one piece, without bolting it to the table.

Re: Gameroom Feedback 2014

Posted: June 20th, 2014, 9:06 am
by Baris Dogan
I think Kaj summed it up quite nicely. Most of the Community/Private stuff you see in the Gameroom comes from either Kaj or me, so if it breaks it's our baby that dies. It's just impossible to guarantee 100% safety on stuff, which is why (with some very special exceptions!) we don't burrow from our visitors.

A Divekick controller, hmmm might be possible, depends on the popularity of the game in ~11months.

L4D2 versus: PC's are even more expensive then consoles, at least pc's with a decent specs. It's not a matter of space (as we established before :P) but usually a matter of a tight budget, but who knows what the future brings :) The bigger the event gets the "bigger" our budget gets.

Re: Gameroom Feedback 2014

Posted: June 20th, 2014, 10:56 pm
by Rex
Thanks for the replies guys :)

Looking forward to see what you come up with next year!