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Bands request

Posted: December 19th, 2012, 9:20 pm
by noaki12
Ik zou het fantastisch vinden ,als de girls group AKB48 en/of de band Seremedy komt spelen op Animecon.

Het liefst Akb48.

Alvast bedankt.


Re: Bands request

Posted: December 20th, 2012, 1:04 am
by Baris Dogan
Ik denk dat het leeuwendeel van de bezoekers het geweldig zou vinden als wij een bandje als AKB48 zouden kunnen betalen :)
Het officiële antwoord laat ik even over aan de mensen die er over gaan, maar ik vrees dat AKB48 helaas zo'n grote naam is dat dat voor ons festival helaas niet betaalbaar is :(

Wat overigens niet wegneemt dat wij het maar wat graag zouden doen :D

Re: Bands request

Posted: December 21st, 2012, 1:23 am
by Shell
AKB48... hmmm *click click* wikipedia... *zoek zoek* ah... "The group has 91 members" :shock:

Klinkt als mission impossible.

Re: Bands request

Posted: December 22nd, 2012, 7:15 pm
by niels
Hi Noaki 12,

I am replying to you in English, and copying part of your request in English so people who do not speak Dutch can also follow what our thoughts are regarding artists.
On the coming and following events organised by Stichting J-Pop, where Niels (me) is still in charge of Foreign Relations, the requisite for a band is:
* Must be an established band
* Must be or must have been employed by a Major Label in Japan or Korea
* OR must be related to Anime, Manga or Japanese/Korean Video Games.
* Must, including entourage not exceed 7 members (members of the band, manager, tech, make up etc).
* Must be willing to negotiate on a fee we are able to afford.
* Must not make weird demands for dressing room items like Beluga Kaviar etc.

So, let's take a AKB team under the loop, shall we?
You asked if we would have AKB48 at the festival.
Lets just, for argument's sake say we'll just have a 12 member team come over.
They will have at least 6 MUA
They will have at least 6 Hairdressers
They will have at least 2 Managers
They will have at least 2 Tech people along.

Total number of people is: 28.

Avarage ticket price is €1000.

Flying these people to Schiphol is €28.000.
THEN there is the 28 hotel rooms * 400 = €11.200
The extra rentals for them, let's say only €3.000
Their food €800
Their transport from Schiphol to The Hague €2.000

Total without performance fee is: €45.000

Lets keep a moderate performance fee of €7.200 (600 for each girl).

Grand total: €52.200

We can't afford this, so, after the complicated answer, the simple one is: NO.

Re: Bands request

Posted: December 22nd, 2012, 11:56 pm
by George
niels wrote:* Must be or must have been employed by a Major Label in Japan or Korea
* OR must be related to Anime, Manga or Japanese/Korean Video Games.
To add why we will also not invite Seremedy, they are a Swedish band and have as my knowledge about them stretches no relation to Japan, Korea, anime or popular Asian video games.

Re: Bands request

Posted: December 26th, 2012, 2:53 pm
by noaki12
We kunnen ook een subgroup van akb48 laten optreden zoals French Kiss bestaat uit 3 akb48 leden Kashiwagi Yuki Takajo Aki en Kuramochi Asuka .

en trouwens Seremedy maakt ook japanse liedjes zoals No escape (heb je in het engels en japans) en deja vu

link no escape jp version link deja vu jp version

ze hebben een contract met universal music ( deze platen maatschapij heeft veel branches in verschillende landen)

De gitarist Yohio is ook goed (heeft 2 jp en 1 en song) in contract met Universal Music Japan.
Meer info over yohio

kort gezegd zou je de subgroup French kiss van akb48 laten optreden en Yohio/Seremedy (Yohio zit in seremedy maar treed ook solo op)

Re: Bands request

Posted: December 28th, 2012, 7:15 pm
by niels
Hi Noaki, could you please try to do this in English :) If it's not possible, no problem.
You may think I know all about the bands you're talking about, but... I really do not.
French Kiss, I also don't know, but you kindly say that there are only 3 members.
This would still mean at least 9 people flying in, because they are an idol group and each will have his/her own hairdresser and at least one MUA in total, one tech, one manager.

And just to be clear about this, we will not invite a Visual Kei group.
It does not have a wide enough appeal for our audience.
It does have an interesting fan following who are quite aggressive in their following of their fav. groups, but most of the audience won't be interested.

Re: Bands request

Posted: January 30th, 2013, 7:21 pm
by noaki12
Ik heb de hoop nog steeds niet opgeven op een optreden van French kiss. De reactie op Seremedy begrijp ik wel.

Dus heb ik een brief geschreven voor de manager van french kiss. Ik hoop dat u deze zou kunnen opsturen. A.U.B wel eerst verbeteren ,want ik ben niet zo goed in engels. Als ze de offer afslaan leg ik me er bij neer. Als ze er offer willen onderhandelen, heeft u een event van de zelfde qualiteit als japan expo.

u moet nog wel de puntjes invullen naam contact gegevens etc. En ik raad u aan om deze post te verwijderen en de polls te maken zoals in het verhaal staat(zie het gele) , ik heb het verhaal bedacht( het is gedeeltelijk waar) , omdat geen enkele idolgroup hun fans in de kou zou laten staan (slecht voor de publiciteit).

ik ben op het getal 13.000 euro gekomen.

7* 1000 vliegtickets +7*400 hotel + 7*72 transport+ 600*3 fee for girls plus extra onkosten.

hier is de brief

Dear manager of French kiss
My name is …. and I am one of the organisators of a three day during event called Animecon. During this we have different activities like the sweet creation workshop; also we have the Dutch Manga Awards, and the qualification rounds for the Euro cosplay competition, of course we also have j-pop music groups performing. About the last mentioned thing I like to talk with you.When we asked which artist they want to perform on Animecon, most wanted AKB 48. Sadly we are a small organization so we can’t afford it. Then somebody came up with the idea of asking a sub-group of AKB 48 to perform. We agreed to this idea , and out of the vote came your group French kiss. Short, we like French Kiss to perform on our event that start on Friday 31 May and runs until Sunday 2 June. We can sadly only offer you 12.500 euro. I and the fans of French Kiss hope that you will consider this offer. You can contact me on this number/email….. . We hope to hear your answer soon.

Yours faithfully,


einde brief

Alvast bedankt voor uw aandacht

*Mod edit* Het geel brandde een hoop mensen in de ogen en was niet te lezen, dus dit even weg gehaald.

Re: Bands request

Posted: February 1st, 2013, 7:12 pm
by niels
Hi. This is not the way to write a letter to management of a band.
I do know what I am doing. I am looking at various options at the moment.
I do thank you for your recommendation and we will be looking at this too.
We have contact with the company managing AKB too.

Re: Bands request

Posted: March 7th, 2013, 12:21 am
by Cis300
Ik hoop dat het voor je zal lukken maar als het niet lukt heb ik ook nog een band in gedachten namelijk Supercell:)

I really hope it wil succeed for you but if that's not the case i also have a band in my mind namely Supercell:)