Bands request

Have a specific event in mind that we can do?
Please write your thoughts down and our event crew will be happy to look if we can set it up.
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Re: Bands request

Post by MechBro » November 25th, 2018, 10:42 pm

IIRC Aya Hirano was looking for venues and chances for her to perform abroad. Maybe you guys can ask her? You might be able to combine it with a voice acting event/AMA of sorts?

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Re: Bands request

Post by BabyPandaHat » January 15th, 2020, 6:36 pm

Ugh I worked ages on this post and then when I wanted to submit it, I got kicked out and got an error message saying I needed to log in again and poof, everything gone… so here I go for the short version of my existing message T_T

I wanted to bring back this thread, if that’s ok xD anyway with that, I wanted to put some older suggestions back on the table~

My first suggestion is LEAD, for multiple reasons. One being that boybands (though mainly Korean group) are quite the hype today with Western people, and I thought it’d be great to re-suggest my personal favorite boygroup, whom I’ve loved for over a decade now LEAD has some really great music that will appeal to a large group of people, with different styles, great dances and lovely vocals. On top of that, for the thirsty peeps, they’re good looking imo xD Another reason is that they have some great anime songs as well that some people might recognize, and I’m pretty sure they’ll provide a fantastic show for people to watch! (just to give you an idea of some of the anime they’ve performed songs for: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Blue Dragon, Hinomaru Sumo etc.)
Lastly, I also want to throw in the fact that I KNOW they want to come to Europe. 2 of the 3 members were in a musical together, which was supposed to do a final performance in paris next month. However, due to the producer being a -bleep- who treated the cast poorly and overall just messed up with the musical (which was popular in Japan), the Paris performance was cancelled because cast members quit because of the horrible producer. Anyway, the members have mentioned how terrible they feel about not being able to go to Europe now that the show has been cancelled, and that they can’t meet their fans anymore (a large amount of the people who were going to go to the show, came specifically for those 2 guys), and they’re hoping for another chance someday to come to Europe. So I think this would be a great opportunity to bring them to Europe, and give them a performance as LEAD (rather than the musical), with their lovely fans. And knowing Japanese fans, I can assure you there will be people flying in from Japan to see them as well ; )

Another suggestion of mine I’d like to bring back to the table is Abingdon Boys School. The reason for this? THEY’RE FINALLY BACK MATE! Since last year or so, they’ve been performing at Inazuma Rock Fes again, and they’ve announced their Japan Tour this year!! This means there’s a chance they’ll go back to Europe for another tour (they did a Euro tour in 2009 iirc), and maybe they’ll do a stop here? I know the members all like Europe, and I’m sure they’ll be super hyped to come back here, especially since their themes and music is partially inspired by Europe.

Aoi Eir is another suggestion I’d like to bring back, since she’s really hot in the anime scene atm. She has sung so many anime themes (Fate/Zero, Kill la Kill, Sword Art Online, Arslan Senki, etc.) in the past few years and she’s so popular, I bet she’d make a great performer for Animecon!

New suggestions: FlowBack, or maybe SEXY ZONE.

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Re: Bands request

Post by Thumbsy » March 19th, 2020, 3:12 pm

Wanted to suggest two bands for the Live House events for the upcoming edition (in 2021)! Not necessarily both for the upcoming event (although that would be really really cool).

BRADIO makes energetic, fun, funky rock. I think they'd do really well with the general audience in terms of how accessible and fun their style is!

They performed at several conventions in the USA before, and within this scene they're probably most well-known for their song 'Flyers' which was used as the OP for Death Parade.

An example of one of their most recent MVs:

And one of my personal favs:


Hello Sleepwalkers
Much less known but a very cool alt rock band with a unique freeform style!
They did the OP for the Noragami anime, and I understood that they have not performed outside of Japan so far although they are very eager to do so!

An example of one of their most recent MVs:

And one of my personal favs:


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