Most hotels already booked ... again?

To help in your quest of being there cheaper! This forum might help you find a hotel roommate for our event.
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Most hotels already booked ... again?

Post by jiriw » October 2nd, 2016, 3:28 am

Since when was there the ability to book hotel rooms? I'm quite sure I checked the Animecon site a few weeks ago and there was not a single mention about Anime 2017...
It seems only Crowne Plaza and the Marriott still offer rooms. Are the other hotels already booked full or have they just not yet opened their registrations?

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Re: Most hotels already booked ... again?

Post by Matijs » October 2nd, 2016, 2:30 pm

Hi Jiri,

As we announced last year we will no longer make announcements on when the hotel bookings open or close.

One reason is that there are multiple hotels and the availability changes all the time. Another is that whatever we do Novotel rooms are gone in a couple of minutes. (Actually as I write this there seem to be rooms on offer, but there probably won't be when you read this.)

As we cannot manage availability in any manner widely seen as fair, we stopped managing it. Novotel rooms will be be available in the future, but not for long, not in large numbers and the availability will not be announced. In other words: you have to be lucky to get one of those rooms. Now that was always the case, only previously a lot of people put in a lot of effort and still were unlucky.

The other hotels still have plenty of rooms and are very close. (I stay at the Marriott anyhow.) We advise everyone to book a room as close as they can get. Up to a month before the festival you can still switch if you manage to find a room that is closer.

However, you are not everyone but a long time volunteer and thus you are privileged. :) We have reserved rooms for staff and volunteers in Novotel and the Marriott. We will start assigning them in November or early December.

P.S.: I wrote the text on our site about 2017 just before Abunai, so it has been there more than a month.

P.S. 2: In the coming weeks we will update the look and feel to 2017 and start preparing the program pages for 2017.
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