Booking and Discord problems

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Booking and Discord problems

Post by Cal » March 3rd, 2020, 12:16 am

So I recently changed email provider. Maybe that's where it went wrong...

Hoping anyone still checks this forum...

As a subscriber to the AnimeCon e-newsletter, I received news when the ticket sale for 2020 would start, and bought a Weekend ticket. Then, changing the email address for the newsletter, I checked my mailbox regularly for news, expected in February, on when to book a hotel room.

All of February: no news. On 2nd March, on the AnimeCon site: "we are aware that weekend bookings did not go as planned..." with an invite to a Discord channel. I've never used Discord and have been living under a rock the past ten years where social media are concerned. The Facebook group, for instance: Facebook does the same thing as this forum, only in a more confusing, messy, invasive way. I can't use Facebook; even apart from its questionable business practices, the interface seems to be designed to be as feature-bloated and user-unfriendly as possible, and if I were forced to sign on, I might end up hurling my computer through a window.

Ditto Discord. To use the link on the AnimeCon News page, which sends me to a Discord server with a jazzed-up version of this forum, I'm expected to create an account. I am then sent a confirmation email, on which I click. I get a Discord page to say that I should click "Continue", which I do but nothing happens, so I close that window and try the link again. I log in with my email and password and oh, now I have to "cliam my account" with another verification email which never arrives. I log in again, and again I have to "claim my account" and also "set up a server" although I don't want a server, I want to go to the channel on the AnimeCon server which should have opened several hours ago where it will be explained to me why I can't book a room.

(I also wonder why I didn't get the news that room booking would start last weekend. According to the Theaterhotel site, I can't book an anime arrangement until June 2020.)

After several logouts and logins, as I'm expected to login over and over, Discord dislikes me as much as I dislike it, says there is something funny going on, and asks my phone number to send some sort of verification code. I enter my mobile phone number. It is dismissed as "invalid phone number". I enter the nember again, with spaces. With a land code. With both. All versions are "invalid".

Clearly, Discord and I were not meant for each other. But I do quite urgently want to book that room. Could anyone share the results of Discord's Monday 2nd March 8pm's channel discussion on this forum?

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Re: Booking and Discord problems

Post by Matijs » May 7th, 2020, 5:03 pm

Sorry for being late in reacting. I am one of the last of the staff who doesn't get discord either. :) Unfortunately I don't look here that often either. We use the forum more like an archive these days.

Yes, the hotel bookings went haywire. I myself am not familiar with the why. The reasons for not getting the mail can be many. Usually your mail being regarded as spam, with some providers checking your spam box is not enough, you have to actually whitelist with your provider.

Anyhow: I do hope that you got the message that AnimeCon Classic is postponed to next year. If not, please use the contact form to get the information.
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