Booking and Discord problems

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Booking and Discord problems

Post by Cal » March 3rd, 2020, 12:16 am

So I recently changed email provider. Maybe that's where it went wrong...

Hoping anyone still checks this forum...

As a subscriber to the AnimeCon e-newsletter, I received news when the ticket sale for 2020 would start, and bought a Weekend ticket. Then, changing the email address for the newsletter, I checked my mailbox regularly for news, expected in February, on when to book a hotel room.

All of February: no news. On 2nd March, on the AnimeCon site: "we are aware that weekend bookings did not go as planned..." with an invite to a Discord channel. I've never used Discord and have been living under a rock the past ten years where social media are concerned. The Facebook group, for instance: Facebook does the same thing as this forum, only in a more confusing, messy, invasive way. I can't use Facebook; even apart from its questionable business practices, the interface seems to be designed to be as feature-bloated and user-unfriendly as possible, and if I were forced to sign on, I might end up hurling my computer through a window.

Ditto Discord. To use the link on the AnimeCon News page, which sends me to a Discord server with a jazzed-up version of this forum, I'm expected to create an account. I am then sent a confirmation email, on which I click. I get a Discord page to say that I should click "Continue", which I do but nothing happens, so I close that window and try the link again. I log in with my email and password and oh, now I have to "cliam my account" with another verification email which never arrives. I log in again, and again I have to "claim my account" and also "set up a server" although I don't want a server, I want to go to the channel on the AnimeCon server which should have opened several hours ago where it will be explained to me why I can't book a room.

(I also wonder why I didn't get the news that room booking would start last weekend. According to the Theaterhotel site, I can't book an anime arrangement until June 2020.)

After several logouts and logins, as I'm expected to login over and over, Discord dislikes me as much as I dislike it, says there is something funny going on, and asks my phone number to send some sort of verification code. I enter my mobile phone number. It is dismissed as "invalid phone number". I enter the nember again, with spaces. With a land code. With both. All versions are "invalid".

Clearly, Discord and I were not meant for each other. But I do quite urgently want to book that room. Could anyone share the results of Discord's Monday 2nd March 8pm's channel discussion on this forum?

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