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Anime 2014 Ticket prices announced

Posted: October 14th, 2013, 3:18 pm
by Matijs
Every year visitors ask us: will our ticket prices go up, down or stay the same? As the J-POP Foundation always tries to please all visitors to the convention for 2014 the answer is a resounding YES! The prices will go up, down and stay the same!

To start with the bad news: on average the Friday and Sunday tickets will cost two euros extra. The years when there was a lot less to do on these days are behind us, so we think these tickets remain good value for money.

The start prices for the Saturday and Weekend tickets have remained the same: 52 euros for a Weekend Ticket and 31 euros for a Saturday ticket. What changed is that we slashed the rate at which the price went up every sales period. The end result is that the at-the-door prices have become 10% cheaper: 61 euros at-the-door for a Weekend ticket down from 67 euros and a Saturday ticket for 37 euros down from 41 euros.

For the full overview, see our price list at:

Also: it is not a coincidence that during most sales-periods it is better to buy a Weekend ticket than Saturday plus another day: it was ALWAYS the better choice as the Weekend ticket does include the hours after midnight when our festival continues. Day tickets are for first time visitors who want to try us out (and of course for those who really can visit only a single day). For all other visitors: buy a weekend ticket and visit us every moment you can visit us, no matter what happens to your agenda. Don't spoil your weekend to save a single euro!

Re: Anime 2014 Ticket prices announced

Posted: February 14th, 2014, 5:12 pm
by Matijs
The ticket booth isn't yet as user friendly as I want it to be, but it is with some satisfaction that I announce that I just put e new version of the ticket booth online.

The major feature for users is the overview screen after you login. We hope the new screen will help you, as it contains links to common actions that were harder to find in the old screen.

Once you click one of those links you will still see the same screens as before, but at least you are where you want to be. We will improve those edit, print and pay screens as well, but one thing at the time for now/

We also made a lot of background improvements that you should actually not notice at all, but that should lessen the number of people blocked for 6 hours by our IP filter.

Lastly if you want to hear the latest announcements and buy the latest tickets using cache, come visit our stand at Tsunacon this Sunday.