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Buying tickets

Post by Matijs » October 31st, 2012, 11:52 pm

You can buy Anime 2013 tickets online using our ticket booth.

Ticket types
We sell whole weekend tickets and individual day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Day tickets are only valid until midnight, then you will have to leave. We do advise everybody to take a weekend ticket instead of two day tickets the price difference is minimal and our festival continues well into the night.

The earlier you buy your tickets, the cheaper you get them. Check the pricelist on the ticket booth for the exact prices and dates.

The first 400:tickets we sell get an additional discount of one euro a day. That is 3 euros discount for a weekend ticket and 1 euro for the day tickets.

You need to register at ticket booth before you can order. We use e-mail addresses as user names, because we mail you your ticket. Also we need some more information about you, so we can reach you in case of trouble.

You can choose to pay using iDEAL or use an (international) bank transfer at your own convenience. On request we'll also send you a paper 'Acceptgiro' but please use this only if you really have to as it costs us money. And yes, we are working on PayPal integration and we expect it within a month.

You can order now and use PayPal later if you want to take advantage of our special initial offer.

Paying cash
We also have a mobile booth we use to sell tickets at other conventions like Nishicon and Tsunacon.

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