Searching for person

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Searching for person

Post by Pikachuman » June 17th, 2015, 11:30 am


I participated in the pokémon Video Game tournament on Sunday. I was added to team Magma and eventually won the complete event. But, A part of my price was some pokémon on my DS.
A nice person from Team Magma wanted to trade those pokemon from me. I agreed but by the time I finished receiving it all and thinking about it again she was gone. I still want to give them to her so it would be nice if someone can help me find her/contact her. I played against her in the final 3-way battle from Team Magma.

Her Forum name is Michelle. She was there at least on sunday. She was cosplaying as Misty from the Pokémon anime series. Also on her 3DS game her name was Michelle.

I know it is not much to go on with but hopefully someone can help me. Please contact me if you can help.


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