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How do you deal with events that require physical excercise?

Posted: May 31st, 2015, 10:03 pm
by Thumbsy
Something I've been wondering about for a while. There's quite some activities/events that require significant physical excercise which pretty much forces one to keep drinking lest they dehydrate. Especially since I intend on participating in the DDR competitions, I can't imagine making it till the end without getting any water to drink inbetween :p
The Dance Marathon page even states "In general it’s a good idea to stay hydrated so drink water!".
However, the rules clearly state that consumables can't be taken with you to the concerned areas.

So my question to everyone reading this: how would/do you handle this? I'm fairly certain we won't get bottles of water at the events/activities so.. anyone got tips 'n tricks to surviving this stuff? xD

Re: How do you deal with events that require physical excerc

Posted: May 31st, 2015, 11:33 pm
by George
Drink enough between events and make sure you're properly hydrated before starting them. (You do not need a day's worth of fluids before every event, drink responsibly.)
Also, whenever possible you can step away for a few minutes to get a drink.

Re: How do you deal with events that require physical excerc

Posted: June 1st, 2015, 1:18 pm
by Thumbsy
Thanks for the reply!
Drinking between events won't be the issue yeah, I'll be sure to be properly hydrated before starting :D I'm mostly concerned with staying hydrated during the activities/events themselves (in my case, I'll need this with DDR only probably).

My initial plan would be going to the nearest toilet for a quick drink of water when I have a chance. But it seemed somewhat tedious, especially during competitions. So I was curious to how others are going to deal with this, maybe get some new insights I haven't thought of myself :)