Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by Dream » June 16th, 2014, 2:17 pm

Ik heb een paar min en plus punten (sorry that i not write in english, but i am very bad in that langauge)

+ Alfred Jodocus kwak in songs, alleen had ik de schattige liedjes verwacht en het was vrij snel afgelopen
+ Mei mei miracle inplaats van Wolf Children

- Misschien volgend jaar beter tijdschema, omdat ik in mijn rooster grote gaten zaten :( zoals met Alfred en Summer day's with coo (liepen samen) en Journey to Argatha en de armor panel ( overlapte elkaar) zodat plannen toch moeilijker was dan gedacht
- De lichten bij kotoko, ik kan zeer slecht tegen lasers en scherpe lichten
- geen ondertiteling bij Wolf childeren, gelukkig was er een vervanger die mij erg verraste

Maar voor de rest awesome

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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by Senter » June 16th, 2014, 3:33 pm

After visiting last year on a saturday, I decided to come here for a whole weekend.
I had a real blast and though I did not talk to a whole bunch of people. I thoroughly enjoyed everything and felt homesick after leaving on sunday.

The pro's:

- A personal thing: Getting filmed while playing Tales of Xilia 2 with Hideo Baba sitting next to me signing something around 4.30pm or so on friday as a real cool surprise.
- Friendly and helpful staff. If things were not allowed they would politely say so even though they probably already said the same thing to 1000 people before you.
- The game room is significantly larger and it had a lot of interesting and fun games to play. There was almost always something to do there. Of course planning helps too. If you go there late at night when day visitors are gone, you have everything for yourself, and so I did just that.
- A nice and rich booklet full of interesting things to do.


Well it's more like critique to help.

- The booklet and the timetable not having the correct times displayed
- The World Forum Theater had confusing rules. Sometimes people were allowed in with props, other times bags were allowed but on other occassions there weren't though I believe it was a red zone area. Quite strange.
- Of course waiting 2 hours in line on friday to get in, but that's kind of expected I guess. Though the staff tried to work as fast and efficient as possible. Hats off to you guys
- The many delays that were caused by unknown reasons. Maybe an artist arrived too late, something would not work. No clue. I don't mean to be nitpicking and I know certain things are out of your control. It's just unfortunate.
- I missed a werewolf like activity group activity and I wanted to do Origami on Sunday but could not find anything at all at the designated area.

On that note, it's cool to have activities where strangers are connected to each other in groups. Like the olympics which I wanted to join but it overlapped the cosplay competition that I wanted to see.

Anyway I loved everything and there was never a moment I would be bored. Time went by so fast. I wish I could rewind it again.

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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by Thumbsy » June 16th, 2014, 8:24 pm

Feedback from a saturday-only visitor, attending Animecon for the very first time

Yay \o/
  • Meeting up with JAKAZiD, attending his lecture and catching one of his live performances. Maybe the most memorable thing that happened that day, for me personally.
  • KOTOKO concert was fantastic, a bit of delay but no big deal. The sea of LED-tubes, the unity of the audience, it all felt very dreamy. It was my first time experiencing a pop concert, and wow what a great experience it was! Very nice they sold those LED-tubes too in the first place, the fact that they're re-usable makes it worth the already reasonable price of €1 even more.
  • DDR. Wowee, I've never seen a setup of this many pads before, very nice! Would've loved to hang around longer and participate in the pro compo, which I'll definitely do if I ever go again (and especially if I'd go for a full weekend).
  • The game room had loads of cool stuff, the Katamari Damacy setup was absolutely brilliant haha. All those obscure rhythm games too (Taiko no Tatsujin, beatmania IIDX, pop'n music, Project DIVA), loved that! Was very happy to have been able to try my hand at IIDX for the first time. Cheers to the nice guy explaining me some of the basic stuff!
  • My first time trying Para Para, was fun haha!
  • Even though we didn't make any use of its services, the presence of the Henk Patat stand outside was an excellent thing. Perhaps not the healthiest, but it's VERY nice to have a cheap alternative for food this close.
  • I dig the bag system, with the stickers n things and how you only need to 'check-in' a specific bag just once. Good stuff!
Nay orz
  • Bag room queues (saturday). My god what a disaster that was. Only used it two times, but I wasted 1 hour and 15 minutes in total because of it, which is a lot, in my opinion. Missed a huge part of an important event too which is a real bummer...
    But Vixion has a good point, could very well be caused by inefficient usage on the visitor's part. I'll prepare and anticipate better for my next visit, now that I know what to expect. Hats off to the crew taking care of it though!
  • Catering was way too pricey, so we went out to the centre of The Hague for dinner.
  • Not a huge issue, but it would've been nice if the maps would be in the booklets as well. The maps on each storey weren't the easiest to find, but apart from that it's just convenient to have all maps with you.
  • The info desk felt rather hidden, being on the first floor instead of being somewhere directly visible on the ground floor.
  • It kind of sucks how there's events that begin on saturday and continue into sunday, which means saturday-only visitors get kicked out in the middle. Wish it wouldn't be like that, but I suppose it's done on purpose.
Overall, my day had its ups and downs, but I'll cherish all the good moments I've had, which definitely surpass the bad ones :)
I was pretty pissed that night, telling myself I would probably not be coming back because of all the disappointments I had, considering the ticket price.
But looking back now, I think it was just an in-the-moment burst of frustration. Because wow, I sure did have loads of fun as well.
I have to admit though I still think those one-day tickets are a bit too pricey for me welp

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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by Shadow_Zero » June 16th, 2014, 10:53 pm

Removed post wrote: Problems with bags in Event rooms
I've been to (metal) festivals where you get a small back sack (like when getting your wristband and festival program. Maybe an idea for animecons? (legally sized for the event rooms)
I'd love to have an animecon bag, next to my crew shirt :D
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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by niels » June 16th, 2014, 11:17 pm

We as board KINDLY request our staff and volunteer members NOT to take part in this thread and certainly to not reply speaking for the organisation.
Only the board or responsible staffer speaks for the organisation. Volunteers not totally in the know of any situation should refrain from offering solutions that our visitors may think we as board are offering. Staff and volunteers can express their opinions in our crew forum.

We will certainly look in to any negative points you would like to point out as visitors and we will address your concerns. When possible, the board member or senior staffer involved will give you our solution. Please do allow us some time to get back to you, as most of us are getting ready to start work again tomorrow.
I have removed some posts made by staffers and some replies on those posts, as what is mentioned here, is not a solution we have been able to think about as a board of directors.

We are not censoring the replies our visitors would like to make an appologise if you have to post any remarks again.
We just want to avoid confusion where people not speaking for the board, act as if they do.

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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by Matijs » June 17th, 2014, 10:50 am

Also we would like to inform you we have a more anonymous method for you to send us feedback where you can use any language you like. Our 2014 enquete:

And my personal apologies for the long check-in lines. We thought to solve the problem by investing a lot of money in new material, but then the new stuff had lots of start-up problems so we had to switch back to the old stuff at the last moment.

Also I can tell you that we will reevaluate both the check-in methods and the available options for bag storage as in both we ran into unexpected limits due to your large turnout - which made us very happy.
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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by EroJun » June 17th, 2014, 1:49 pm

As a karaoke enthusiast, my complaint mainly goes to the free karaoke. I don't mean to be rude but the sound was really terribad. You could barely hear the majority (an estimation of 90%) of the people who went up there to sing.
The staff didn't seem to do anything about it, neither did people speak up, so I went and asked if they could do something about it but all I got was some rude babbling and gestures from one of them and "Sing closer to the mic". I know how to use dynamic microphones so he was practically telling me to kiss or eat up the mic.
Sound problems were already common during previous conventions, but not this bad.

Here's some advice:

* Use your ears (It sounds like an obvious thing to do, and really, it is)
* Test your setup with multiple people. The microphone picks up frequencies at different levels, so try to use the mixer to balance that out so you don't get clipping, but neither can't hear someone's voice.
* Keep feedback from the speakers in account while doing so, and change the layout of your sound stage if necessary.

Apart from the karaoke, KOTOKO's concert's sound could also have been better.
It was already an improvement compared to concerts in the past (before 2013?), so gj on that at least. I know that sound engineering isn't the easiest job. lol I was already more than impressed that Animecon 2014 was able to have KOTOKO perform!

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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by teus » June 17th, 2014, 2:44 pm

This was my first major convention, it was amazing :-)

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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by TMar » June 17th, 2014, 6:35 pm

I've had a great time at Animecon this year. I've also introduced a friend to this kind of conventions and she absolutely loved it!

Good points:
* Some interesting lectures. It's great Matijs told something about Japanese history and how events relate to other events, treaties, world political developments and all. It was quite interesting! I have also enjoyed the Japanese Cooking 101.
* The snackbar van was back on a better spot!
* The Wind Rises. What a great movie!
* Alfred J Kwak expo and performance :D

Points of improvement:
* It seems like all visitors arrived at around the same time on friday. I think at this venue, you have space to seperate between printed tickets and those who have yet to buy tickets so people won't have to wait in line that long. I had sort of expected to get in way in time to see The Wind Rises, but once I was in, it was running for about half an hour already. But fortunately the film was shown on sunday as well. I had never seen such a long line at Animecon on fridays but I guess it has to do with people arriving at the same time. Also, not everybody has luggage on them and I think a lot of people who do would love to have it stored first and then move on to get their badges.
* Waiting for the cosplay compo on friday evening. The competition started about 45! minutes later than indicated in the event schedule. Fortunately I could sit down on some stairs but boy my feet did hurt! I'm not that young anymore but more importantly, I'd like to be informed how long it's going to take. I can understand the theatre not being ready, some technical problems need fixing and all, but please inform those standing in line about some time indication. I know you have used the announcement system a few times during the convention so it could have been used here as well. I was seriously considering stepping out of line and drive back to my friends' place to get some rest, even warned a senior gopher about it who happened to be standing there. But then fortunately the line started moving. But the show was awesome :).
* I'd like to see some more couches and benches outside and inside the building. I know that is out of your power as far as the venue is concerned, but it is nice to be able to sit down somewhere once in a while. That was great about the hotel in Almelo. My bf has a chronic heel infection and he can't strain that foot too much.

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Re: Anime 2014 Feedback thread!

Post by Febru » June 17th, 2014, 7:20 pm

Anime 2014 was the first time ever I went as a saturday only visitor. Anime 2014 was already the 6th time for me teaching the parapara workshop and the 8th time that Anime2014 had a parapara workshop.

For me, Anime 2014 could have been so much better if the staff was more interested in the events they're hosting. _EVERY_ time I've done the parapara workshop so far, I had to look for a gopher, search for a steward or someone that was assigned to help out at the workshop. _EVERY_ time I've given the workshop, water was only available after I asked a friend (coincidentally a steward) to arrange water for us teachers, because hey, it's Summer. We have to dance, we have to chat for more than an hour and it's nice if we could get the liquids to keep our throats moisturised.

Besides the parapara workshop, there are so much events in your program that seem to add nothing to the 'Promotion of Japanese Pop-culture". Scrapping these events to make sure the events that are hosted, are hosted properly would make the convention more exclusive and more attractive. As Anime 2014 used to be (for me) a high quality event, since the move to the bigger venue the attention and care for the events seems to have slipped. My advice for Anime 2015 would be to check out the events. See for yourself how they go and see if they add something to your convention. See how your guests react and if anyone even shows up. And hey, appreciate the people hosting the events. Since the budget to have our expenses covered isn't in the Anicon's priority list, providing water and some glasses is the least you can do.


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