AnimeCon 2019 Lost&Found items

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AnimeCon 2019 Lost&Found items

Post by Lyds-chan » June 24th, 2019, 3:51 pm

Hi all!

As every year, a bunch of stuff got lost and handed in with the Lost&Found at the Bag Room. Here's a list of the items that were found in no particular order:

OV chip card (2x)
Rabobank debit card
ING debit card
Key (looks like a housekey)
Sunglasses (4x)
Pair of round glasses
Pair of round silver coloured earrings with rhinestones
One cherry earring
Black leather necklace with black orb dangler
Oshmkufa 2010 pin
Kingdom Hearts keychain
Black bearhead hairclip
Blue battery
Hetzer button
Miku button
Case for contactlenses
Purple heart keychain
Red pen (blue ink)
Earbuds in the shape of a skull

Black plastic bag with book and cardgame
White water bottle
Kaomoji bag with sweater bagroom number DH39
Small black leatherlook bag with white strip
Ziplock bag with fan
Dragon Ball Z plush
Vaporeon plush
Pokemon ballcap
White knit gloves with green buckles (pair)
Red-brown leatherlook glove righthand
Orange/gold (kimono) waistband with white stripe
Leather Vanguard camera bag with digital camera
See-through plastic bag with Oyasumi artwork poster
Pandora Hearts artbook
Lisanne Doodles artwork postcard
Sushicat keychain
Love wristband with blue light
Wooden spinning top (tol)
Seraph of the End poster
Umbrella (3x)
Attack on Titan cosplay prop
Black sweater HO size L
Blue-white tye-dye vest Forever 21 size XS
Black bomberjack Jack&Jones size S
Grey vest Primark size L
Dark blue vest Cool Cat size XL
Dark blue raincoat size S
Black vest/jacket Decatlon size XL
Black jacket WE size S
Black jogging pants Panther size L
Brown striped O'Neill backpack with jacket inside
White T-shirt

If you recognize any of the items as yours, please send an e-mail to desk[at]animecon[dot]nl and we will try to get the item back to you as soon as possible.

There are several ways we can return the item to you:
- you can pay us to send it to you by mail (shipping costs for packages below 10 kg are around € 7,- items that fit through the mailbox can go up to € 4,-. International shipping can be more expensive)
- you can arrange to pick the item up at our office in Rotterdam.
- you can arrange to pick the item up at our AnimeCon stand at another convention.

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