Anyone want to connect Tamagotchi?

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Anyone want to connect Tamagotchi?

Post by PigeonthePigeon » June 13th, 2019, 3:00 pm

Hello guys!

I'm from Ireland and coming to the convention with my boyfriend whose Dutch. We don't have a lot of tamagotchi users at home :(

I'm coming dressed as lovelitchi and ill have an ita bag full of Tamas, will anyone be around with any Keitai Kaitsuu, Connection v2, Friends, or m!x tamagotchi?, or anything that can connect to those!! I'd love to connect if you see me around!! I also have a Nana moon if anyone wants to connect those. I have 3 Keitai (one is an akai and the others are +) and a v2 connection. My friends is a first gen and not a dream town.

I just got my dream mix and I only have one friends, so we could unlock tons of areas or gems for our Tamas together! :D I'll be with a very tall astolfo cosplayer for all 3 days

I hope everyone has fun!! ♥

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