AnimeCon 2018 lost&found items

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AnimeCon 2018 lost&found items

Post by Lyds-chan » June 26th, 2018, 3:04 pm

Hi all!

As every year, a bunch of stuff got lost and handed in with the Lost&Found at the Registration Desk. Here's a list of the items that were found in no particular order:

Straw hat with red ribbon
White, red and gold cosplay gun (made of Worbla?)
Venezia bottle opener
Slytherin pin
2x Cat tail (1 black with elastic ring, 1 black with pink bow)
Ladies vest size M (black)
3x facemask (all black, 1 with white kitty-face, one with written kanji, 1 with shark written on it)
4x pair of sunglasses (1 pilot model, 1 black, 1 leopard print, 1 greenish glass)
2x pair of glasses (1 orange brown, 1 red)
PS3 Game
Kryolan wet make-up (red)
Hairbrush (grey)
Afro comb (black)
HEMA USB-cable (mintgreen)
Big bell on red ribbon
USB-stick (grey)
Drawing mermaid
4x ring (1 small splits into 4 rings on top, 1 with blue eye inset, 1 double joint armour ring gold colour, 1 silver with three white stones)
Skull face button
Yarn cutter (green)
Key on chain with two hooks
Cross pendant
JBL bluetooth box (black)
Fan (black)
Tunnel stretcher (blue swirl)
Plush radish (?) with blushing face keychain (pink)
Glove left hand (grey and black)
Gala dress with rhinestones (teal/greenish blue)
2x Angelo Litrico (C&A) vest (1 size XXL black with grey letters, 1 size XL grey)
Zara man coat size M (dark grey with glasses without legs in one of the pockets)
Inhaler (blue bag with inhaler inside)
Bandana square (grey with black and white print)
Bandana triangle (blue with white dog and crossbone print)
Plush doll with black and white dress and pink hair
Kiabi vest size S (brown)
Sleeve (orange)
Crown (yellow and blue, Adventure Time?)
Slazenger basketball
Sleeveless shirt (white)
Tanktop size XL (white)
Pair of faux leather gloves (black)
The complete D.R. & Quinch
Beanie (black with white skull and skeleton hands print)
2x Glove right hand (1x black knit, 1x black leather with 2 fingers and thumb cut off)
Hollywood undead shirt size M
USB-charger cable black
Oostwegel keycard/USB?
Toshiba laptop charger with USB-phone charger cable attached
2x pair of socks size 43-46 (black)
Lace hairband with pink ribbon
Cardboard wrench
Pencil bag with several cards and pencilspens inside (black with velcro on the front)
Small purse (beige)
HEMA tupperware box with blue/green lid
DVD/CD rewritable drive
Armband white with red borders
L'occitane bag with lenses and medicines inside
Wig short hair (black)
Backpack (black with dice and pokémon pin insite)
2x dress shoes size 40 (black)

If you recognize any of the items, please mail to desk[at]animecon[dot]nl and we will try to get the item back to you as soon as possible.

There are several ways we can return the item to you:
- you can pay us to send it to you by mail (packages below 10 kg are around € 7,- items that fit through the mailbox can go up to € 4,-)
- you can arrange to pick the item up at our office in Rotterdam.
- you can arrange to pick the item up at our AnimeCon stand at another convention.

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